How can I help?

  • Are you a GLOBE Parent who would like to get in some volunteer hours? Let’s get started! There are multiples ways to help this event and earn volunteer hours for GLOBE.

Pre-event Promotions! We need help recruiting additional vendors and event attendees. These activities include:

  • Passing out flyers at other local festivals and events. It’s an easy and fun way to easy to earn some hours with GLOBE.
  • Seeking out and inviting creative artisans to apply via your social media audience. We have a host of marketing collateral for your use!
  • Finding communities to promote our event. This can be NextDoor community sites, local coffee shops, or family focused outlets. Be creative!
  • Hanging banners, distributing post cards and posting yard signs.

Makers Market Event Day – November 9, 2019! We need help with setup, breakdown and guest relations between 9 am and 5 pm. You can volunteer in two-hour shifts so you can still enjoy the event!

Where do I sign up?

GLOBE Parents sign up here! Email us at for more information.